Stop Disconnection Sheffield

I’ve never even been to a protest before, let alone organised one, however given how wrong the Government’s proposals on the Internet are I’ve decided I can’t just sit back and let them happen.

There will be a flash mob protest outside Sheffield Train Station at 5:55pm on Wednesday 24 March. It’ll only take 20 minutes of your time, it’ll be good fun, and it could help to save the Internet.

If passed into law as it currently stands, the Digital Economy Bill could allow the Government to disconnect you from the Internet (without trial), facilitate censorship of the Internet, and could precipitate the death of open Wi-Fi and public Internet access provision.

If you register for a free ticket or RSVP to the Facebook event it’ll help us gauge numbers. Otherwise, just turn up, and bring your friends and colleagues.

Hope to see you there!

What you can do now:

3 thoughts on “Stop Disconnection Sheffield

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make the protest tonight, it’s parents evening at our local school so I’m in charge of the kids while my wife looks after other kids who’s parents are at their school.

    Was there any coverage of the event, is it worth watching the news?

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