Sheffield MPs should be ashamed

Despite massive public opposition the Digital Economy Bill was voted into law last night. Here’s how Sheffield MPs behaved:

Constituency MP Party At 2nd reading? At 3rd reading? How they voted
Attercliffe Clive Betts Labour No No FOR the Bill
Brightside David Blunkett Labour No No ABSENT
Central Richard Caborn Labour No No FOR the Bill
Hallam Nick Clegg Lib Dem No No ABSENT
Heeley Meg Munn Labour No No FOR the Bill
Hillsborough Angela Smith Labour No No FOR the Bill

Frankly, I’m appalled. Any illusions I had about Britain being a representative democracy have been shattered. What’s the point of voting when the people we elect just ignore their constituents and do whatever their party whips tell them to? I find it especially hard to understand how an MP can vote on something without even bothering to take part in the relevant debates. Surely that’s a dereliction of duty? If they won’t scrutinise legislation on our behalf then what are we paying them for?

If any of these so-called “representatives” would like to explain themselves to the people of Sheffield we would love to hear their excuses in the comments.

Oh, and would the last person to leave Digital Britain please switch off the Internet?

3 thoughts on “Sheffield MPs should be ashamed

  1. @Stuart I know a few people who received identical letters from Angela Smith. The depth of ignorance it reveals is breathtaking and she fails to address any of the controversial aspects of the Bill.

    To support an entire 50-clause Bill full of fail because you agree with a couple of it’s least contentious measures is like voting for someone because you like their hair style. It’s absurd.

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