Richard on EU Copyright Term Extension

I got ambushed at Lug Radio Live by Craig Smith of O’ReillyGMT and managed to mumble something like “copyright term extension, bad. Public domain, good” into his video camera…

Open Rights Group – Copyright Extension from oreillygmt on Vimeo.

Like an idiot, I managed to get our own URL wrong, so here are those links again in full:

Sign the petition against copyright extension in the EU
Find out more about the Open Rights Group

I also highly recommend pointing your RSS reader at the O’ReillyGMT blog if you’re interested in tech culture.

3 thoughts on “Richard on EU Copyright Term Extension

  1. Well he obviously knows how to separate out the wheat from the chaff.*

    I can has YouTube linkz?

    * Which way round this works is left as an exercise for the reader

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