First they came for the child abusers

Virgin Media TPB blockFirst they came for the child abuse images, but I did not speak out, because I am not a vile criminal.

Next they neutered newzbin2, yet I said nothing, because usenet is for dweebs.

Presently they prohibited the Pirate Bay, and I did not protest, because I’m not a fan of TV or film.

When they plundered the Pirate Party UK blog erased the EDL website, I kept quiet, because I am not a Pirate I disagree with their politics and methods.

And when they censored the churches, I didn’t complain, because I am not religious.

Then they blocked my blog, and I don’t know if anyone spoke out about it, because they blocked everyone else’s too.

The wires used to resonate with the buzz of seventy million voices. Now inside the Great British Firewall we hear just an empty echo: Lily Allen, singing into a cultural vacuum, while the BPI rubs its hands in glee…

(With apologies to the memory of Pastor Martin Niemoller.)

Updated 2012-05-03 to refer to a real instance where a registered UK political party might be censored.