Expanding horizons

First up, I’ve switched the site to use WordPress’s own excellent Twenty-Thirteen theme, rather than Agregado. The latter served me well for several years however the sidebar hasn’t done what I wanted since Twitter switched off RSS support and the email contact form was a massive spam-magnet. Meanwhile the default WordPress theme, and the Jetpack plugin set, have now evolved to contain many of the features I was hacking in manually before: twitter and RSS integration, email subscriptions, social-media sharing buttons, tweeting new posts, displaying profile info, etc. I’ll likely be tweaking the theme and content continuously over the next couple of months but I’m already much happier with the cleaner look and increased ease-of-maintenance ๐Ÿ™‚

Secondly, until now this blog has been focussed exclusively on digital rights campaigning, however Iโ€™m planning to steer it in a more personal direction in future. There will still be plenty of posts about digital rights but from now on Iโ€™ll also be using this outlet to deposit thoughts on technology, music, work, life and what I had for breakfast this morning. If you want to filter out any of that extra stuff and get back to the hardcore activism posts you can use the list of categories in the sidebar.