Calls to action from the Convention on Modern Liberty

The convention on modern liberty is being held today in London, around the country and online. I’m tuned into the live webcast and the flurry of tweets tagged with either #coml or #modernliberty. One common question being asked is “what happens next?” What is to be done about liberty in the United Kingdom and who should do it? I’ve heard a small number of good suggestions and calls to arms so far which I’ve listed below. I’ll continue to update this as the conference progresses.

Are you at the conference? Have I missed anything? What do you think should we should do next?

And here’s a list of coverage I’ve enjoyed on the web today (in order of discovery):

Phew. Now I can close a tonne of browser tabs! Please add your blog or any links I’ve missed in the comments.

Updated 2009-03-01 to start a list of good follow-up coverage (in the order in which I found them):

Mostly linking to blogs here as anyone can find the write-ups from the mainstream media outlets. Again, please let me know if I’ve missed anything good.

Updated 2009-03-02 to re-order the calls to action.